Membership Information



  • Timeline: Applications for membership are accepted during the Annual Membership Drive, held late fall/early winter, each year for daughters in 6th grade at the time of the Membership Drive. Openings in all classes above 7th grade are at the discretion of the Yorba Linda Chapter Board and are based on a predetermined class size range.
  • Residence: A Prospective Member shall reside within the boundaries of the Placentia/Yorba Linda School District.
  • Sponsorship: A Prospective Member shall be sponsored by an Active Member and co-sponsored by an Active, Provisional or Sustainer Patroness Member in our Chapter. (We can help connect you with a sponsor and co-sponsor, if needed!).
  • Application: A Prospective Member shall only apply to one Chapter.

Please begin by submitting the Membership Inquiry Form or email membershipyorbalinda@nclonline.orgThis will allow us to provide you with further details about the membership application process and timeline.

Thank you again for your interest in our NCL, Inc., Yorba Linda Chapter. We look forward to meeting you!


  • Makes membership in NCL a priority for herself and her daughter(s).
  • Is able and willing to be a role model for all members.
  • Is willing and able to actively participate in the operation and/or administration of her Chapter by holding leadership positions each year
  • Understands the importance of all three pillars of NCL
    • Philanthropy
    • Leadership
    • Cultural
  • Understands and is willing to commit to the specific meeting attendance, job/committee, philanthropic and league obligations of the Chapter.
  • Understands and is willing to meet the financial obligations associated with NCL membership.
  • Understands that by virtue of being a member of a local Chapter, she is affiliated with a National organization which requires adherence to National standards and policies and its core values.



Membership Tea – Class of 2018